Top 16 Business English Ways to Say: I don't understand

Various factors can enhance your performance during an interview or business meeting to have an effective Business English conversation. Being confident is a skill that can be acquired by improving your critical skills and competencies in professional communication and business meetings. Some of these factors include facial expression, body language, eye contact, and of course, the choice of your English words.

There are tons of Business English Courses that help you expand your Business English vocabulary, Business English Phrases, and Business English. Expressions that guide you toward a successful Business English Conversation also assist you in better academic and Business English Writing.

It would be best if you were well prepared before your meeting to reduce the amount of stress and enhance your confidence.

If you have an interview, the following tips and questions will help you provide a better answer and sound professional. In addition, you can read this article,  How to Success in a Job Interview: tips and questions, to understand further about an interview which equips you with excellent knowledge and gives you different tools for your needs.

Applying the useful Business English expressions can make you sound smarter. This could be used as an advantage in your communications skills. It would be beneficial to read the following article in this blog to learn more.

You may not fully comprehend the question or another person’s needs; however, dealing with such instances is critical and you don’t want to sound unprofessional!

Even though you may be a person with excellent skills in your niche and full of potential, a straightforward misunderstanding could lead you to an unsuccessful meeting! 

In this article, the following ways could help you to ask the person to repeat the question smartly and professionally, so you can react at the moment and feel in control.

There are various ways to ask a person to repeat a question:

  • Sorry?
  • I’m sorry?
  • Pardon, please
  • I beg your pardon, please.
  • Can you repeat your question?

However, it’s more appropriate to use the following way:

Top 16 professional ways to say you don't understand

  • Could you clarify your question for me?
  • So what you are saying is……..
  • If I understand correctly, you think that….
  • So to confirm, I understood…..
  • Would you mind just repeating the question?
  • I’m sorry, I can’t hear you very well. Could you speak a little louder, please?
  • I didn’t quite catch that, but I think you were asking about it (your understanding)?
  • I didn’t quite understand. Would you mind elaborating on it?
  • I’m sorry, I can’t hear you very well. Could you speak up, please?
  • Could you run that question past me again, please?
  • When you say “……..”, can you confirm what you mean? (when clarifying a specific word or phrase)
  • Just to clarify “something,” your point is…
  • Could I pick up with you after the meeting to discuss this in more detail?
  • Would it be possible if we have a further discussion about this matter after the meeting?
  • Sorry, I don’t follow. Would you mind rephrasing the question?
  • Sorry, I’m not quite sure about your question. Are you asking me if …..?

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