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Job Experience

Job Experience and Internship

Experience Will Help You Get Hired !

Having experience is mandatory in many job applications, but how can an applicant have experience while they cannot get a job?

Experience in specific jobs helps you get familiar with the job environment, but also you’ll be more confident when you start your career. There are various ways to get experience and equip yourself with skills to add to your resume to apply for your desired job.

This article tries to educate you on feasible approaches to gain your required experience before applying for a job.

1. Internships

An internship is acknowledged as a temporary job that may be paid or unpaid, providing you with experience in an actual workplace. 

There are numerous ways to apply for an internship, including a government office, nonprofit organizations, school companies, and many other businesses.


You may look for an internship office or Human Resources office at a different academic level, such as high school, college, or any other employment program and company. However, the most convenient approach would be using an online internship program.

Check out this article regarding different platforms helping you to find an internship.

2. Job shadowing

Job shadowing provides you the experience of accompanying a person in their job for a few appointments, a day, or a few days. Request someone you or your family associates if you can observe them. 


You can furthermore request contact through a professional organization or academy program.

3. Volunteer work

Volunteering is unpaid work. Although it is meaningful, You can get skills like writing, child care, teaching, coaching, fundraising, mentoring, sales, call center services, organizing materials, construction, arts, and more. 


Call, email, stop in at a nonprofit or school you’d like to volunteer for, and ask about opportunities. Many provide training.

Some online websites assist you with such a volunteer work program based on your abilities and help you gain skills and experience.

4. Work in your community

You may develop relevant work skills while doing small jobs for friends, family, or neighbors. For instance, Helping your friends or neighbors’ kids with their school projects, teaching some skills you already have, or tutoring them.


Also, taking care of elders, looking after pets, babysitting, assisting your community by educating them in different fields, or perhaps doing some simple task such as mowing lawns, raking leaves, or doing other yard work. To get paying jobs, ask neighbors and family friends if they need an assistant. Next, list your services at school, put up signs on area bulletin boards, or post on a neighborhood services website.

You may post your services online or look for specific demands and act as a freelancer. You’d better get to know some freelancing websites by checking this article.

5. School and community activities

Participating in clubs, sports, theater, music, dance, religious organizations, and other community activities can be fun and develop your skills. Include these on your resume. Also, find school districts, community education, local arts groups, religious organizations, and public libraries.


Although this is a more traditional way to find internship opportunities, it still provides you valuable information on jobs that better understand freshly graduated students.

Perhaps this could be your first place on your list to hunt for an internship if your graduating student.


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