Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics Introduction More and more companies are using robots in their operations. From manufacturing to customer service, many businesses are increasing their use of automation. Artificial intelligence (AI) is commonly used in robotics as well. In this article, you’ll learn more about AI’s role in robotics.Read more on Fundamental of […]

Top 10 Industries Utilizing Robots and Robotics​

robots and robotics

Top 10 Industries Utilizing Robots and Robotics Robotics in Business Robots are more accurate and efficient compared to humans, minimizing medical and industry errors. Robots are cost-effective, specifically as a long-term investment for businesses. In addition, robots can produce high-quality products. Industrial robots in manufacturing Industrial robots are used in manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, construction, and […]

Artificial Intelligence for Mechatronics

Artificial Intelligence for Mechatronics

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Mechatronics Artificial Intelligence for Mechatronics AI, machine learning, and computational intelligence are terms that get thrown around a lot in the field of mechatronics—but what do they mean? AI (artificial intelligence) is a rapidly advancing technology that’s used in many fields today. It refers to the ability of machines to […]

The Future of Aerial Robotics

Aerial Robotics

Aerial Robotics Aerial Robotics The term “aerial robotics” refers to a broad range of flying technologies used for various purposes. Examples include drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Still, it also has large-scale autonomous aircraft like blimps and small models built for hobbyists. Besides military uses, aerial robotics has many civilian applications such as […]

What if superintelligence or hyperintelligence exists?


What if Superintelligence or Hyperintelligence exists? Superintelligence/Hyperintelligence in theory Table of Contents Superintelligence is an umbrella concept that refers to the opposite of the more general concept of intelligence. ‘The classical definition of intelligence was [that it’s] what you need to perform well on IQ tests,’ says Professor Tom Stafford from the University of Sheffield’s […]

The Best Time To Learn Robotics for beginners

Robotics for beginners

The Best Time To Learn Robotics What is robotics? Robotics is a great hobby to take up if you want to learn about the mechanics and programming of creative projects. It’s also an excellent way to explore careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), as well as a means to create things with your […]

Will Robotics Replace Human Employment?

Future robotics

Will robotics replace human employment? Automation has been around for a long time, so it can be easy to assume that the roles it plays in our lives have been fully explored. But as technology continues to improve and spread, we are seeing more and more instances of automation being implemented in ways that might […]

7 Important Reasons To Consider Robotics Education For Kids

robotics education for kinds

7 Important Reasons To Consider Robotics Education For Kids Children’s education is one of the most critical concerns in society. Providing the best education system for children is a primary job of a government in a country; additionally, the parents play an essential role in children’s education decision-making.The robotics education has been growing over the […]

Importance of Robotics in Developing Countries

Robotics in developing countries

Importance of Robotics in Developing Countries Robotics has a vast potential to improve the quality of life in developing countries, and it seems like our governments are starting to take notice. For example, in 2015, the Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines released a three-year robotics program aimed at small and medium enterprises (SMEs). According […]

Why Consider Robotics as a Career?

Robotics as a career

Why Consider Robotics as a Career? The robotics field has expanded tremendously over the past few decades as society has achieved significant technological progress. Likewise, in the Philippines, robotics as a career is a fast-growing field. More and more people tend to get involved in robotic activities in the Philippines. Therefore, awareness of the opportunities […]

The 3 Primary Engineering Fields in Robotics

Robotics Engineering

Some schools are offering a robotics engineering course that is combinational in all three major engineering fields. Robotics has a bright future, and a vast market makes it the perfect time to jump into it.

The Facebook outage: a massive disruption worldwide

The Facebook outage : a massive disruption worldwide Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on telegram Share on whatsapp Facebook Down? Facebook’s app and its website, along with Instagram and WhatsApp, went dark for several hours. Then they appeared to be slowly coming back up. While many people assumed that the […]



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