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In 2022

The impact of the pandemic on our life and ​Home-based jobs' popularity  

Online jobs or Home based jobs became more popular since millions of people suffered job losses in the coronavirus-driven recession, but the economic implications for young workers have been even more intense. The COVID-19 pandemic has provoked one of the worst jobs crises. 

The threat is that the crisis will increase poverty and broaden disparities, with the impact felt for years to come. Countries now require arranging everything to prevent this job crisis from becoming a social problem. Restoring a more reliable and resilient labor market is a crucial investment for future generations.

There are numerous online jobs to work from home that has been created recently, including online jobs for teachers, part-time online jobs, and even online jobs for teens.

Furthermore, some of the successful companies offer the same work concept, such as amazon online jobs.

Extra Income

Here are some of the potential online jobs you may consider applying for extra income.

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Affiliate Marketing

One of the high-paying online jobs is an affiliate marketing affiliate.



The Annual Income in the U.S.

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Social media, YouTube, blogs

Many companies hire people hourly or commission-based. Affiliate marketing could be your prior choice of this era since you’re not required to invest your money in buying products before selling them; therefore, There is no obligation to handle returns or keep a record of anything.

 It is an uncomplicated business model—however, you need to have some experience selling products before applying to many companies. After that, you can work on social media, YouTube, blogs, and so on.


Social Media Manager

You could sign up to help businesses promote their products through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc

Social Media Manager


Hourly earnings

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Indeed, Upwork, PeoplePerHour

Companies may also need help managing comments, growing their community, and improving their social selling efforts. As long as you can attach your voice and creativity to posts by producing shareable videos or carrying entertaining GIFs, you can begin winning on clients today.

Find jobs on: Indeed, Upwork, PeoplePerHour



Google Ads Specialist

As a google ads specialist, you must run and optimize running ad campaigns for businesses

Google Ads Specialist


Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

Upwork , PeoplePerHour

Another high payment online job is a google ads specialist; You need to send weekly or monthly reports and updates on the performance for the key metrics. Sometimes you will be asked to find the best keywords to match the specific products as well. It would be best if you were well trained for this position. This job is foreseeable in the future.

Find a job on Upwork , PeoplePerHour


Online Tutor

Are you confident in teaching subjects like math, physics, or a foreign language?


Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

Tutor.com, VIPkid, Chegg Tutors

You can apply for online teaching jobs that need you to tutor students from across the world. Most employers and job portals need tutors to have a bachelor’s degree. Most of the time they even provide you with the teaching materials as well. 

Find jobs on: Tutor.com, VIPkid, Chegg Tutors



Most businesses require bookkeepers to assist them in tracking and managing their finances.



Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

Accountingdepartment.com, Indeed, FlexJobs

Bookkeepers do tasks similar to recording income and expenses, invoicing clients, and providing financial reports. To attain your first online bookkeeping job, look for local businesses or check out the sites listed below the hourly earnings range.

Find jobs on: Accountingdepartment.com, Indeed, FlexJobs



Personal Trainer

If you’re a fitness enthusiast and know proper exercise techniques, consider applying for online personal training gigs.

Personal trainer


Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

Fiverr, Glassdoor

You can instruct anyone, anytime, anywhere, enabling you to take on more clients by online coaching. In addition, you can choose to teach people via popular online platforms such as Zoom/Skype in both groups or one-on-one settings. 

Find jobs on: Fiverr, Glassdoor


Online Beauty Advisor

You are going to provide some demos and present makeup techniques as well as suggesting cosmetic products to meet clients’ needs. 

Online beauty advisor


Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

Beautytap, ZipRecruiter

With the ascending trend around makeup and Beauty taking the world by storm, it has never been better to consider becoming an online beauty advisor

Furthermore, sharing your experience and expertise in skincare and beauty routines can develop self-esteem in your clients. Furthermore, you can consult clients locally or globally depending on your expertise while creating a brand around you that can guide you to something tremendous in the future.

Find jobs on Beautytap, ZipRecruiter


Online Recruiter

Your primary responsibilities will involve posting vacancies and finding potential employees for companies.

online recruiter


Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

CareerBuilder, Remote.co, Jooble

Recruiters used to work in an office setting entirely, although you can now work as an online recruiter from home. Some companies may likewise require you to manage the initial phone interview to screen applicants in advance, do the initial assessments and refer them to the related manager at the firm. 

Find jobs on CareerBuilder, Remote. co, Jooble


Email Marketer

Your have to write an engaging content for companies product and provide subscribers with information. 

email maker


Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

Upwork, PeoplePerHour, LinkedIn

Do you write an email which reader has no option than click? In that case, you can contact businesses and make money online by managing their email campaigns. Once you confirm that skill of enticing receivers, employers will secure your service and provide you with a long-term contract. 

Find jobs on Upwork, PeoplePerHour, LinkedIn


Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of the online jobs with excellent income potential

email maker


Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

Problogger Jobs, FlexJobs, BloggingPro

If you’re good at researching and writing, you can apply to write for blogs, magazines, journals, and even newspapers that publish their content online. There’s a significant need for writers as more companies endeavor to present feature content to their readers. Besides outstanding writing skills, you better be passionate about the particular niche you’ll be working in, like tech or fashion, for instance. 

Find jobs on: Problogger Jobs, FlexJobs, BloggingPro



If you have excellent English writing skills and solid communication, this job is for you!



Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

Upwork, Monster, Freelancer

As a proofreader, you’ll be required to read and edit all sorts of content, including email copy, blog posts, business reports, and more. Plus, you’ll act as a second set of eyes for publishers and help them create content that looks more elegant and professional. 

Find jobs on Upwork, Monster, Freelancer


Website Designer

If you are proficient at designing websites, you can work for NGOs, tech companies, and likewise!



Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

99designer, Upwork, Indeed

Companies that hire you will test your Adobe Illustrator, UX, WordPress and CSS skills, so be sure you’re well-prepared in these areas. Then, with just a few skills and the experience to create fascinating web pages, you could earn a high income

Find jobs on 99designer, Upwork, Indeed


Instagram Influencer

Being an Instagram influencer is an excellent choice for a youngster!

instagram influencer


Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

SimplyHired, LinkedIn

Nowadays, nearly every business is striving to partner with influencers who can expand and sustain their Instagram reach. You will do excellently as an influencer if you create incredible Instagram Stories, know what hashtags to use, and create unique captions. 

Find jobs on SimplyHired, LinkedIn


SEO Expert

Many companies seek individuals who can help promote their search engine ranking.



Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

Job In SEO, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr

To work as an SEO expert, you must be qualified to promote backlinks and optimize a website’s existing content. Sometimes, direct experience in the field is favored or required; however, a relevant degree is not mandatory.

Find jobs on Job In SEO, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr


Facebook Ads Specialist

Running Facebook ads is an efficient technique to boost sales.



Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

Indeed, SimplyHired, Hubstaff Talent

Most businesses don’t have the expertise or time to launch campaigns. Therefore Facebook ads experts are high in demand. While you know how to set up enticing ad creatives and tailor campaigns towards particular audience segments, you’d be able to secure numerous online jobs and decide what firm you wish to work with.

Find jobs on: Indeed, SimplyHired, Hubstaff Talent


Graphic Designer

Having well-designed graphics is necessary for most businesses.

graphic designer


Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

Dribbble, Upwork

However, inexperience in Adobe Photoshop can put off most job seekers almost instantly. You need to know that not all companies need fancy designs – some need graphics created by primary tools like PicMonkey and Canva. If you have basic computer skills, you could soon learn how to use specific apps and apply for relevant gigs. 

Find jobs on Dribbble, Upwork


Voiceover Artist

Online jobs for voiceover artists relate to films, cartoons, podcasts, apps, audio recordings on public transport, dubbing on foreign-language films, and more


Hourly earnings

Find jobs on

PeoplePerHour, Voices.com, Upwork

This job requires a smooth accent and an attractive voice. Therefore, it would be best to have a decent computer with a fast internet connection, audio software like Audacity, and studio-quality headphones before sending applications to potential employers.

Find jobs on PeoplePerHour, Voices.com, Upwork


Stock Photographer

If you are a photographer who has a stock of excellent images you took out of contract, you can sell these photos online.



Per Photo

Find jobs on

Shopify, Burst, photostock, unsplash

Photography is usually considered an offline job. With the help of online platforms, you can publish your photos online to be purchased by clients or used as stock photography online. This simple online job provides a schedule without much effort, mainly if you set it up as your secondary income.

Find jobs on Shopify, Burst


Data Entry Worker

Online data entry jobs need you to input alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic data in a system.


Hourly earning

Find jobs on

Upwork, Working Solutions

It may not sound like tons of fun, although it’s an online job that can pay well! In addition, you can do the work whenever it fits your schedule. To excel in the role, consider reinforcing your skills in computer programs like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Find jobs on Upwork, Working Solutions


Virtual Assistant

You can have a good income by managing simple office tasks, like receiving calls and responding to emails

Online jobs


Hourly earning

Find jobs on

Virtual Assistant Jobs, FreeUp, Online jobs. ph

Becoming a virtual assistant(VA) is a good choice for people with basic skills. The advantage of VA jobs is that you could adjust the amount of the work, which makes them ideal for busy people who may have limited availability due to other engagements. 

Find jobs on Virtual Assistant Jobs, FreeUp, Online jobs. ph


Customer Service

If you are a patient and good listener, have excellent interpersonal skills, and enjoy helping others, consider applying for an online customer service job.

customer service


Hourly earning

Find jobs on

VIPDesk Connect, Glassdoor, We Work Remotely

These days, numerous companies are obtaining customer service representatives to manage customer inquiries while serving remotely. Usually, these companies provide training, and you will select a set schedule from different times in 24 hours. Keep in mind that you’ll need a quiet space to work.

Find jobs on VIPDesk Connect, Glassdoor, and We Work Remotely


Music Reviewer

One of the most incredible online jobs is a Music Reviewer, which gets paid to listen to your favorite music.

Home based jobs


Hourly earning

Find jobs on

SliceThePie, Research.FM

Some companies hire people to evaluate tracks, test out short music samples, or evaluate new albums. Your feedback assists artists, record labels, and brands in fine-tuning their music before it’s published to the masses. 

Find jobs on SliceThePie, Research. FM



If you’re looking for simple online jobs to make some additional profit, this one’s for you.

Home based jobs


Hourly earning

Find jobs on

Transcribe Me, rev.com, Scribie

Transcriptionists have to listen to audio recordings and type them in the form of text. This job further expects you to have exceptional attention to detail and be especially fast at typing. At the same time, not the most popular job type, transcription can be a steady income stream for someone with lightning-fast fingers.

Find jobs on: Transcribe Me, rev.com, Scribie


Chat Agent

If you are a considerate person whose willing to support people with their difficulties, you can work online as a chat agent.

Home based jobs


Hourly earning

Find jobs on

Jooble, Indeed, CrowdChat

Chat agents offer customer support via text-based chat and are expected to take multiple queries at once. Chat Agent could be an ideal job for you if you don’t have much experience working in an online role and if you’re not comfortable talking to people on the phone. 

Find jobs on Jooble, Indeed, CrowdChat


Website Tester

As a website tester, you’ll be required to acknowledge a set of inquiries as you surf through a site.

online job


Hourly earning

Find jobs on

UserTesting, Ferpection, TryMyUI

Getting feedback from real users is essential for several companies and businesses. Additionally, you’ll send your thought about the user activity by video recording. Videos require to be roughly 20-25 minutes in length. It will be your privilege if you’re knowledgeable about how websites work.

Find jobs on UserTesting, Ferpection, TryMyUI


Online Moderator

Being an Online Moderator requires you to moderate online interactions in online forums, social media groups, and so on.

home based jobs


Hourly earning

Find jobs on

Glassdoor, Cloudworkers, Upwork

Daily responsibilities will include responding to negative comments, categorizing queries, and settling arguments. With the rise in digital communities and chat rooms, Online moderators are expected to remain high demanded in the future.

Find jobs on Glassdoor, Cloudworkers, Upwork

The search for online jobs isn’t going to decline anytime soon. Furthermore, in an era where income is on the decline due to financial crises and more work policies fluctuate day-to-day, the possibility to earn is a big plus.

Either you aim to work part-time to have some additional profits or a full-time salary while working remotely, these online jobs can contribute to the choice for work.

What other online jobs do you know? Share it with us in the comment below…

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