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With the COVID-19 pandemic, the calamity state was raised in many countries. Several businesses were shut down due to quarantine or safety protocols that inevitably negatively impacted the economy. Thus, the economic rollback from these crises and nation-building is detangled with entrepreneurs and society itself.

Countries are entering the post-pandemic phase with the wide vaccination (in large size) and have started recovering at a different pace by conducting pioneering research and pioneering studies. 

However, those countries whose economy was more dependent on the tourism industry, such as Spain, Iceland, and the Philippines, have suffered greatly from the collapse in tourism revenues and are demanded to operate beneath pre-pandemic levels till at least mid-2023. 

Worse still, countries such as South Africa and Argentina are anticipated to endure under their 2019 levels until the end of 2024 or well within 2025.

Global consequences

The multi-speed recovery of the pandemic and the ensuing financial crisis will have consequences for the countries with more passive recoveries and the global economy. On the health aspect, no country will be completely safe from the virus until all are safe. Moreover, local vaccination successes will not be sufficient to protect individual countries from potential further outbreaks, especially in new variants.

The pandemic and related economic crises have additionally had various effects within national boundaries. In several countries, inequality has widened significantly in multiple ways. 

For example, middle to low-income jobs has lost out much more than those at the top of the income distribution. There has likewise been a much more substantial reduction in contact-based service industries than in other sectors.

Formidable challenges

The sector dynamics disproportionately outraged women, non-white workers, lower-wage earners, and those with less education (Stevenson 2020). Because workers amongst these groups were more inclined to be employed in the services sector, originally non-routine, manual tasks, such as food products or assisting and caring for others, especially in the leisure and hospitality sector, they experienced job declines at much higher rates. 

In addition, professional occupations that offered face-to-face services that included legal, education, entertainment and sports, and health care occupations also experienced a significant increase in unemployment during the pandemic crises. 

As social distancing actions continue to affect the way individuals communicate in the marketplace and the workplace, the decline in the labor market will resume. However, a rapid economic recovery is likely if an effective solution to COVID-19 develops swiftly. 

No doubt, some of them will get a recall of their old jobs. In contrast, it is less likely for others since the changes in the behavior of consumers, workers, and employers could be more permanent. 

In addition, numerous things, such as how we communicate with things/people, shopping, and travel, have dramatically altered, affecting the labor requirements of various sectors and requiring a protracted reallocation of resources.

The Pioneering Work

To do pioneering work requires lots of pioneering research, a pioneering study. So it is not a straightforward task to develop a plan that leads a job toward pioneering work.
However, there are various mechanisms governing the pioneering, which affects professionals who build companies and the capabilities of pioneer minds toward a goal.
A pioneering mind is a competency and skill that could be gained by reviewing and learning from pioneers in every industry.
As most pioneers indicated, establishing and setting up a new development requires lots of courage and motivation to face the possible challenges.
Additionally, sustaining it requires lots of pioneering days and hard work.

The Economy Recovery

In this post, we have summarized some opportunistic business ideas for the post-pandemic targeting the jobs that have been hit harder by the pandemic and experienced the most significant decline in employment and economic recovery

The development of these business ideas will be beneficial for both entrepreneurs by grabbing the opportunity and potential revenue as well as society by targeting the unemployed sectors.  


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1. Remote Fitness Mobile App

The fitness area was one of the several that faced a big jolt due to the lockdown worldwide. It is less likely to function as it was before the pandemic. The pandemic has changed people’s mental horizons when it comes to acquiring services in crowded places such as gyms. The concern regarding spreading a new variant of the COVID virus will stay with people worldwide for years!

The fitness industry is adapting to a new existence by attempting remote fitness services. You can grab this opportunity by developing an online platform (mobile application or website) to connect personal trainers to clients. 

Personal trainers can offer services such as providing one-by-one virtual fitness classes and personalizing each user’s workout activities. They may provide nutrition facts and specific diets as well.

The pandemic has forced people to sustain a healthy lifestyle and boost immunity. Given that fitness will play an essential role in promoting their immune system, there will be an opportunistic opportunity for you. First, however, choose the right niche based on the region and locality. 

The revenue can be through running ads and getting a commission of the income for providing the platform.   

2. Beauty Services Clone Mobile App

With the pandemic’s start, people tried to minimize their outgoing and maintained social distance to avoid getting infected by the COVID19. For example, beauty services are mostly considered fancy and unnecessary for many people unless you are an actor, model, or celebrity!

Beauty salons have suffered dramatically and, in some cases, shout down for good. Therefore, many hairdressers, beauty advisors, manicure and pedicure technicians lost their customers so their income. But, on the other hand, entrepreneurs are looking for a reliable solution that they could depend on despite the massive crisis.

Transposition of jobs to the online platform started back two decades ago for several businesses with different paces. If we want to enumerate an advantage for the COVID19 pandemic, speeding this transposition would definitely be one of them, if not the only one.

You can develop a mobile application to offer clones to beauty salons and workers in this field. Beauty service providers can create a clone on the mobile application and offer services such as haircut, makeup, blowout, manicure, pedicure, etc. 

In addition, users can book any beauty services from the nearest available clone to their location, rate their favorite beauty service and share comments with other customers.

The location-based Beauty Services Clone Mobile Application can be a turnover in this industry by bringing the beauty service providers to the customer’s doors fast and efficiently.  

Like any other service application, the revenue can be through taking the commission from the service providers or yearly subscription for the clones and running beauty products ads.

3. Virtual Assistant Mobile App

By starting the pandemic back in 2020, many businesses closed their offices. They put the base of their business online which left many secretaries and personal assistances out of employment. While working from home has started off more than ever, the need for having a virtual assistant is inevitable.

Many busy entrepreneurs and business owners need help with their day-to-day tasks, like managing their calendars, travels, emails, and more. So why not create a mobile application (or a website platform) with on-demand features to connect personal assistance and business owners.

Personal assistants and secretaries post their work experience and CV on the platform for business owners to find them. It can be further done by posting a job by business owners and applying for personal assistance.

The mobile application (website) can provide services such as planners, project tracking, etc., for plus members. The revenue of the application could be through membership and in-app features purchases. 

This one is quite interesting. You can expand the idea more!

Pioneering app

4. Accounting/Bookkeeping Mobile App

Every successful business owner requires a solid and smart bookkeeper. By transforming to online platforms, the demand for hiring accounting and bookkeeping has increased more. 

There are two robust approaches for developing an accounting or bookkeeping mobile application. The first is to design a mobile application for small businesses to manage their complete accounting needs through apps features such as sending across invoices, recording purchases, managing the expenses, and tracking payables and receivables.

So business owners with limited or no knowledge of accounting principles can work with the app smoothly. In this case, the revenue would be through app purchases by the users. 

The second approach, which www.futurejobsforyou.com recommends, is to create a platform where people with accounting and bookkeeping knowledge can provide their services and/or consultation to the business owners. In this way, more people can find a job as an accountant. In addition, the business owners will have expert services according to the nurture of their business. 

The revenue for entrepreneurs would be through commissions from any successful landing job. 

5. Cyber Security Consultant Mobile App

In light of coronavirus, remote working or Working From Home  (WFH) has grown as a resolution for corporate culture. Several companies have already announced lifetime remote working for their employees. It’s a helpful initiative, but many have experienced complexities —the transition from in-office to at-home operations, especially from the technology front. The change imposes a significant threat of data breaches, cyberattacks, and hacking. 

Therefore, Cybersecurity has become an essential concern for them. They need a robust and permanent solution in place.

While people save credit card data in digital wallets, businesses have tons of classified data on cloud servers. It has become compelling to invest in Cybersecurity because breaking conventional antivirus is plain sailing for modern hackers. It would inhibit weaknesses and show how companies can prevent cyberattacks.

In addition to securing the business workflows, cyber security can establish trust amongst customers. Most importantly, it protects businesses from monetary losses since data breaches are super expensive. And besides the financial value, cybersecurity protocols further eliminate potential reputational costs. 

Predictably, companies and online businesses will invest billions of dollars to secure their servers and, therefore, online services.

By grabbing the opportunity, you can develop a trustworthy online platform in the form of a website or mobile application and offer cyber security consultations. In addition, you can hire several IT specialists to provide their services on an hourly basis remotely. The revenue for this business strategy is pretty straightforward. It can be done by hiring consultants and selling antiviruses, firewalls, and other security software. 

If you have any other fascinating ideas, share them with our community by commenting below the post to receive feedback from our experts! You can also read more about the economic recovery solutions here


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